5G Innovation and Technology Hub (5G IT Hub) is established as part of the ICONIC centre with the goal of stimulating regional innovation activities and promoting advanced communication technologies by providing information, sharing knowledge and resources about 5G and related technologies to various stakeholders, thus helping them to establish their impact on economy and society. 5G-IT-Hub will gather local/regional stakeholders in the domain of 5G technologies and applications, providing expert knowledge, training and networking, and stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship. It will serve as a contact point for academic groups in the region, as well as companies and industry from and outside of the region.

Through 5G-IT-Hub, ICONIC centre will organize a number of seminars:

5G and B5G Seminar Series: The goal of this seminar series is to bring leading 5G industry experts to ICONIC
centre and Novi Sad, to present their view on 5G technology and applications. The seminar will establish
new links with EU 5G community and ICONIC, and will provide a direct contact between leading 5G
experts and local/regional ICT companies and stakeholders, thus establishing new business and professional connections.

Meet the ICT Industry Seminar Series: The goal of this seminar is to present local/regional ICT
companies to students, academic and local/regional ICT community. This will include major telco/mobile
operators, data analysts, IoT/Cloud solution developers, system integrators, vendors, etc.

Startup Success Stories Seminar Series: The goal of this seminar is to establish regular talks and
presentations of the most successful ICT entrepreneurs in the region, where they would provide account
on the initiation and first steps in development of their startups, the steps that followed to reach the first
major success, share their best practices, and engage in discussion with the seminar participants.

5G IT Hub is funded through European Union’s Horizon 2020 project INCOMING. 5G IT Hub represents an interface between the ICONIC centre and ICT innovation and business-oriented community in the local and regional domain. Directly or with the help of regional ICT clusters, 5G-IT-Hub serves to establish strong connections between ICONIC centre and local/regional ICT stakeholders.